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Esak Consulting Ltd.

we believe in the future.

Though our company may be young, we have over 25 years of experience under our belt. Though we’re small, we’re a force to be reckoned with.

Incorporated in 2006, Esak Consulting Ltd. provides environmental solutions to the industry and government sectors in support of sound planning and effective growth management.  Our consulting services balance industrial development with the needs of the environment, while recognizing our stakeholders, society and the government. 

Along with environmental solutions, Esak Consulting prides itself in its social responsibility, office community and possible career opportunities for others dedicated to the same values as Esak Consulting Ltd. In short, if you like what you’re reading, give us a shout.

Previously, Lynette Esak Consulting Limited (1992-2008), we have now grown into Esak Consulting Ltd. located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Lynette Esak – owner, mentor, soil problem solver

Esak Consulting Ltd.Founder and Senior Soil Scientist, Lynette Esak, MSc, P.Ag, EP, has followed her passion and created Esak Consulting Ltd. in her hopes of enhancing the value of the environment for future generations.  Lynette believes that in order for one to be successful in this high paced field, one must have a grounded understanding of the environment that is based on real experience.  Growing up on a farm, Lynette has been exposed to the operations of the environment her whole life and decided at an early age that her passion for the environment would lead to a rewarding career and lifestyle.


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Our Crew – The Best There Is.

Esak Consulting Ltd.


Lynette, President, Sr. Soil Scientist, Project Manager

Lynette has over 25 years of experience as an environmental consultant specializing in soil science, reclamation and remediation and environmental assessment and management. She applies her comprehensive knowledge of soils to a variety of projects with the objective of soil conservation, protection, reclamation and remediation. She has programmed and project managed, supervised and participated in numerous multi-disciplinary projects including; soil conservation and reclamation planning, land use planning and disturbed land reclamation. Lynette has been active in providing senior technical guidance on wellsite reclamation programs in Alberta, specifically for Environmental Site Assessments and Reclamation Certificate Applications.  Since 2006, Lynette has been involved with the Cold Lake and Fort McMurray In-Situ Heavy Oil Production Project for over 200 Pre-Disturbance Assessments and Conservation and Reclamation Plans for various developments. She has also supervised Phase I & II ESA, reclamation and remediation programs and Wellsite Reclamation Applications for AESRD.  Lynette has been the Soils, Terrain and Conservation and Reclamation Plan Expert in the Terrestrial Review Team for several major Environmental Impact Assessments as a third-party contractor (3PC) for AESRD/AER.  She has also been involved in pilot scale research (green roof containers, bioremediation).